PROTOUCH Hi Shine Toothpaste

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PROTOUCH Hi-Smile Toothpaste is a uniquely curated formulation to brighten your teeth and help fight cavities with trusted ingredients like Turmeric, lemon & orange peel extracts combined with enamel safe charcoal and powerful remineralising Hydroxyapatite (n-HA) with Vitamin E. Its sparkling grey foam helps you remove stains & plaque, fights cavities and gives you a boost of freshness that lasts for hours.

How to use: Take a pea size amount of the PROTOUCH Hi-Smile Toothpaste on your brush and brush your teeth with gentle & short strokes.

PROTIP – Place your toothbrush into your mouth at about 45` angle to your gum to be able to use dentist recommended bass brushing technique. You can also, use PROTEETH ultrasonic toothbrush for better results.

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Customer Reviews

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Anita Rawal
Amazing product

It is a amazing product helps in removing stains gives long lasting fresh breath and it is fluoride free which is good for gums.

Isha dhiman
Excellent product

It is a good toothpaste and does its work. Keep my teeth nice fresh and white and feeling clean for longer. The texture of the toothpaste is much more pleasant in taste. The toothpaste smells good.