PROTOUCH LED Teeth Whitening Gum Massager for Stronger Gum and Whiter Teeth

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PROTOUCH’s PROTEETH ultrasonic gum massager is specially designed to provide an upgraded brushing experience. Its unique U-shaped design with 2000 food grade soft bristle helps to provide full coverage and does a Deeper, Powerful yet Gentle cleaning.

The bristles are oriented at 45 degrees that precisely follow the curves of your gums to stimulate the modified bass brushing technique as recommended by Dental experts. Enabled with a 30-second brushing timer and smart memories mode.

PROTEETH is the newest innovation in an automatic ultrasonic toothbrush. It not only cleans your teeth in seconds but includes Blue Led light to help you archive those sparkling white teeth and provide healthier & stronger gums!

  • Proteeth Ultrasonic Gum Massager - Speed up to 670 brush movements per second. Specially designed seals and gaskets keep this Smart toothbrush water tolerant and it removes 300 percent more plaque along the gum line than a regular manual brush.
  • Good battery life & Quality material - 10 Days battery timing with 30 minutes of charging (Must be dry when charging), the largest battery capacity in the market. Also, IPX7 is waterproof to be used in baths and showers. Upgraded lengthened version U-shape brush head with end-rounded bristles, combined with safe silica gel material to protect your teeth and gum.
  • Blue LED Mode - PROTEETH is the newest innovation in an automatic ultrasonic toothbrush. It not only cleans your teeth in seconds but includes Blue Led light to help you archive those sparkling white teeth and provide healthier & stronger gums! Improving the efficiency of your life, the hands-free design allows you to brush your teeth and handle other things at the same time.
  • U-shaped and Hand-free Design - This U-shaped automatic toothbrush snap-fit design is tailored and made to fit the mouth and clean the surface & internal orientation of the teeth. Made from “food-grade silicone”, it is a highly water-repellent, washable, and reusable electric toothbrush.
  • Package Includes - 1 x Proteeth ultrasonic toothbrush Handle, 1 x silicone Brush Head, 1 x Charging Cable, and 1 x Instruction Manual.
  • After a full charge, install the U-shaped brush head. Never twist.
  • Shake the foam toothpaste, then press out the foam and evenly apply it to the U-shaped brush head.
  • Put the brush head into your mouth, relax your bite on the U-shaped brush head, and select the right mode for you.
  • Easily brush your teeth, and move your brush back and forth, left to right with your hands at the same time, brushes your teeth for a deeper clean. If you find the mouthpiece too small, move it further left and right for greater reach. You can leave on one spot and release your hands. Perfect to use in the shower
  • After brushing your teeth, use a wet cloth to clean up the water and stagnation of the fuselage.
  • For effective results paint the whitening gel to your teeth before using a Proteeth ultrasonic brush.
Use PROTOUCH Pearl white drops after using Toothbrush's BLUE LED Light Treatment. For better results keep the gel on your teeth for 7-10 mins and rinse if used at night before sleeping.
Anyone trying to cope with stained teeth can use the PROTOUCH Proteeth ultrasonic toothbrush to obtain whiter and shinier teeth.
PROTOUCH products have received accolades from all the experts. It is FCC, CE and RoHS certified and also USFDA approved. It has 6 month of manufacturing defect warranty. Our product adopts ultrasonic nanotechnology, which can efficiently and quickly solve any dental problems. If you have hypersensitive teeth, bad breath, yellowish teeth, or gums bleeding, this toothbrush will be a nice choice for you. Made of soft silica gel, the bristles gently massage and clean the teeth. Reduce the friction of the toothbrush on the mouth. High-frequency and noiseless vibration can remove more tooth stains, plaque, and bacteria that

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Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews

It really works on your gums health and makes you feel fresh.

Excellent Product

I bought this for my mom. It cleanses the teeth easily and is gentle on the teeth. She has been using it since 3 days now. She loves it. Now she doesn’t use normal toothbrush. Mom happy, me happy. Thank you Protouch for faster delivery.

Good Product

My mouth feels cleaner since I started using the Protouch ultrasonic toothbrush. Nice and cool product. Using it for 2-3 days and it feels good using it. The noise is low, vibration is also not to high so it's comfortable using it.

Vikas Jaiswal

This brush is really great quality and useful for cleaning teeth. Mouth feels super fresh after use. The multi directional cleaning ensures full cleaning. A really good lifestyle change for sure.

Excellent Product

Superb product. Big fan of this product.

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