Scalp massage for Hair Growth!

Scalp massage for Hair Growth!

Massages are known for the relaxing power that they hold. With each massage, you can actually feel the stress levels reducing and the serotonin releasing. So, when it works so magically on your other back, neck and other body parts, why miss out on including this gem of a trick in your haircare routine? 

It is known for a fact that scalp massages don’t just help you ease your tensions, but also improve blood circulation to your scalp, ultimately strengthening your hair. All you need to do is use your fingertips to apply mild pressure on your scalp and move them around in circles. You may also choose to include essential oils like coconut oil, argan oil or rosemary oil in your massage sessions or use enhancers like brushes and scalp massagers, recommended by dermatologists. Massaging just the right points in your scalp can also help in improving your mental wellbeing and soothe your senses overall. 

Moreover, studies have shown that regular scalp massages also contribute to hair growth. With pollution, free radicals and harmful UV rays wreaking havoc on your hair health, it is essential to give your scalp the correct nourishment - and that’s when a calming scalp massage comes it. With improved blood circulation, the chances of nutrients being absorbed by the roots increase, thus leading to hair growth. Also, regular scalp massages have proven to reduce certain scalp problems like dandruff and flakiness, generally known to hinder hair growth. 

By managing the stress hormone levels in the body, a scalp massage collaterally also keeps your blood pressure and other stress-induced conditions like insomnia and digestive issues in check. It truly is the ultimate mood-booster and stress reliever. So, by investing just a few minutes every day, you can bid farewell to damaged, brittle hair and give them a new life!

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