What & Why of LED light treatments?

What & Why of LED light treatments?

Most of us bail out on our beauty routines or sometimes don’t even have one for sundry reasons. Some feel it's tedious, some complain it's expensive and some just aren’t concerned enough about their skin health. But we do need beauty treatments to keep our skin in good shape, healthy and glowing.

One of the good old but also tremendously effective beauty treatments is the LED Light Therapy Treatment. It's not just dynamic with its different therapeutic lights for different skin concerns but also equally versatile on all different skin types, supporting skin health in the most effective ways.

One would automatically deduce LED light therapy to be unsafe, cause many side effects or cost a fortune. But come to think of it, LED light therapy treatments are actually quite safe and painless when undertaken as instructed, and give impressively instant results with long term effects.

LED is short for light-emitting diode, treats various skin conditions and concerns by entering the skin’s layers through non-invasive, color wavelengths of visible light. LED light therapy targets a range of skin concerns using a combination of different therapeutic lights.

Corresponding to different visible colors, it uses various wavelengths that penetrate the skin at different depths. While the blue light affects the uppermost layer of your skin treating and preventing acne and targeting acne-causing bacteria buildups, yellow or orange lights penetrate deeper, alleviating pigmentation on the skin. Red light travels even further into your skin, reducing inflammation and stimulating the production of collagen for younger looking skin.

The advantage of having portable LED light therapy tools at home is that it is relaxing and also results-driven, for you can use it regularly by yourself as per recommendation and find improvement in your skin’s appearance. A wide range of at-home, LED light therapy devices are now available for different concerns of the skin and body, including LED masks and combs. For further guidance on the usage and benefits of LED light therapy technology equipment, browse through PROTOUCH’s website and find the tool for the treatment that best suits you!

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